How you can learn amazing things in the first 6 seconds of your first date

How you can learn amazing things in the first 6 seconds of your first date
There I was waiting for my date to arrive, so I got there early to the Mall parking lot to ensure I could be there to greet her when she arrived. I waited outside the Milestone’s restaurant, our agreed meeting spot and scanned the parking lot as our meeting time got closer.

Here she comes!
I knew she was making an effort, since she had driven over 1 hour to meet up with me, EventuallyI spotted her as
She walked towards me, having seen my photo on the Internet dating website. I had gone through this process several times with other
women before, I learnt to pay attention to the body language and demeanor of a person when they approached you and met you for the first time.

The Six Second test
There is a lot that can be told in the first Six seconds of meeting a new date. If you pay attention to what is being presented to you.

1. Why the first 6 seconds can be crucial when meeting a woman for the first time
While 6 seconds may not seem like a lot of time, surely there has been a time when in your life 6 seconds felt like an eternity.
Perhaps it was when you finally had the courage to ask a particular woman for her phone number, and she hesitated in giving it to you. She might have said something that you did not want to hear. Ever heard this line before? “I am not looking for relationship right now.

“I am not looking for a relationship right now”
When you heard those words, did you immediately back off and say something like “Ok”, or did you keep quiet, hold your ground, and smile while looking at her, until she said the magic words: “Ok, my phone number is: 555-444-2222. That whole process likely did not take more than six seconds in total. Further proving the idea, that time is relative. A lot of guys would have buckled under the pressure, and said something in response, which would have showed her that you don’t stand your ground, and that is one of the qualities a woman looks for.

This leads us to the next step, what are you going to look for in your initial immediate six second encounter with her?

2. How to interpret the results of that first 6 seconds of interaction with her
It is important that you always arrive to the date early, so you can be ready and psychologically prepared to meet with her. Meeting anyone for the first time, can put most of us in a very uncomfortable and feeling nervous psition. You mind is rushing through all kinds of mental scenarios. One of the big ones is this one, “Will she like me, yes or no?”

Will she like me Yes, or no?
That is really doing to depend on many factors, some of which are beyond your control. For example, sexual attraction depends on factors like chemistry, body odour and something as simple as does she like the way you smell? For example, if you wore a shirt that had a stain on it and appeared not to have been washed, she would notice that and within six seconds make a mental decision about you based on that one thing. Keep in mind the six second rule works both ways.

Sure, you might be a nice guy, but if you could not be bothered to wash your shirt, press it that says a lot about what your other habits might be like. Conversely, you will want to pay attention to her, and this leads us to the next step, and what you should pay
attention to, in the first six seconds.

3. What you might want to pay attention too in the frst 6 Seconds
As she approaches you, she has now seen you and you can observe if you pay attention whether or not she is pleased to see you or not. Does she move more quickly towards you or slow down? Is she hesitant to greet you or not? Does she continue to make eye contact with you with warm smiling eyes, or does her face have somewhat of a frown on it, from dissapointment. Now keep in mind, she might be nervous, and it your job to make sure she feels safe and comfortable at all times. If you don’t particularly feel any immediate attraction for her, you should still continue with the date, always be a gentleman. Yes, you can shorten the date if neccessary, but since she took the time and effort to meet with you respect that, and always treat others as you yourself would want to be treated.

Is Six seconds is not long enough to make an accurate assessment of a person?
The first 6 seconds can be a good initial indicator of attraction levels. How you communicate, the sound of her voice and chemistry
between you both are other facts that will become apparent as your date continues. You need to give every woman a fair chance to
establish this with you. In fact, you should do your level best to have at least 2 to 3 dates with any woman, if there is initial mutual attraction felt before you make any further decisions to continue dating her.

Don’t be like Jack
Something that you should not ever do is what Jack did, when he met his date for the first time. They had chatted on the phone for a few weeks after meeting online via dating website.. They had talked every evening on the telephone, there was a lot of excitement in the air when they finally decided on a date to meet for dinner. Ramona had gone to her hairstylist, had a manicure/pedicure and dressed in a beautiful outfit, with stunning shoes. She looked picture perfect. Or so she thought.

Failure in the first six seconds
Jack met Ramona at the mall, and they were to have dinner at the Milestone’s restaraunt. It was a busy Thursday night, so they had to wait inline for about 30 minutes for their table. Five minutes after waiting in line, Jack said to Ramona “ I don’t think this is going to work out” and ditched her right there in line, and walked away. Obviously there was no physical attraction felt by Jack towards Ramona, but rather than be a gentleman, and see the date through, he acted like a jerk and ditched her.

So let’s summarize what we have learnt here:
1) The first six seconds of meeting someone can tell you much about their initial response upon meeting you for the first time.
Look for and be aware of the telltale signs as noted above.

2) Interpret what happens in the first 6 seconds, as a guideline. The rest of the date will show you more, is her interest level
in you high or low? What about your feelings? Did you like what you saw, and did you feel mutual attraction immediately?

3)While the first 6 seconds will give you a good indication of what might be in store, spending time and having fun together is thereal key to determining your mutual feelings towards each other. Keep it light, and make it fun for her. You need to keep her feeling
comfortable and in a safe space while she is with you. Use humor to keep things light.

If you don’t like the woman you have just met, shorten the date, and always be a gentleman about it.

Remember, just as I was able to discover for myself, there is a lot you can learn in the first 6 seconds of a date, if you pay close attention to what is happening right in front of you. Get to the date early, and be ready and present.

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