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Do you struggle to get back into the dating game?

Feel nervous about approaching women?

You have come to the right place.

I can help you:

  • Get back into dating by following successful methods and  proven  techniques
  • Engage in conversation with the opposite sex in any situation
  • Avoid the biggest dating mistakes- and  get women interested in you

My name is Ray Khan

I know how hard it can be to get back into the dating game after a long-term relationship because I’ve been there.

I experienced the disintegration of my marriage and the sense of being lost  that followed.

My marriage got off to a rocky start. In our  first year together, my wife and I constantly argued until one day, I arrived home to find  she had stripped the house bare and moved into a flat on the other side of town.

Eventually, we got back together – but without facing up to any of the issues that had led to her leaving. We tried seeking the advice of a marriage counselor and went for family counselling.

Finally, I asked myself, ‘Five years from now, will things be any better?’ After 24 years of marriage, it was time to leave.

The process of getting back into  dating was full of ups and downs. I made a lot of mistakes .  I dated the wrong women.  I learned that every man has attributes that women  find attractive.  You just have to present yourself in the best light

Fast forward a few years, and I’m now in my late fifties, happy and well-balanced.

I have gradually come to realize  a relationship needn’t be perfect  as long as we can come to an understanding that works for both of us.

I’d love you to see dating as a thrilling experience which every man can enjoy, regardless of how tough a break-up has been. And I’d like to help you find a woman you can love and develop a long-term relationship with, too.

 About me 

I’ve been an amateur astronomer for over 40 years, and it boggles my mind  that more stars sparkle in the night sky than there are grains of sands on our planet earth.

Stargazing has also allowed me  to see the bigger picture when it comes to love and relationships;  to understand how to bring a great woman in your life, and  keep her attraction towards you.

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